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A Scientist Walks Into A Bar

Episodes feature recordings of talks given at Science on Tap events held in Portland, OR, and Vancouver, WA.

Sep 20, 2014

This is a recording of a talk given by Dr. Ivan Phillipsen on April 1, 2014, in Portland Oregon, at a Nerd Nite event hosted by Via Productions. Ivan has a PhD in zoology from Oregon State University and runs a nature tour company called Volcano Lands. In this talk he describes what amphibians are, where they live, and their importance to the environment. He also talks about some of the species that live in the Pacific Northwest, such as red-legged frogs, coastal giant salamanders, and ensatinas, and where you can find them when you're out on a hike or in your backyard. He also explains why you shouldn't put newts in your mouth. 


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As always, a final thanks to Jonathan Coulton for the use of his song Mandelbrot Set as our theme music.